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‘SATARA’ was the capital of Maratha Kingdom spreaded over 14 lacks square kilometer. This land has rich heritage. Several great warriors, kings,saints, and great personalities create their historical evidence in the history of Maharashtra. According to inscriptions from as early as 200 B.C., Karad (sometimes spelt Karhakada) is likely the earliest place in the Satara area. The ‘Viratnagari’ where the Pandavas resided in their thirteenth year of exile is also thought to be Wai in the Satara area. Satara’s main contribution to the world of sweets is the kandi peda, a round smooth-textured sweet that comes in plain and kesar flavours.
Being a Satarkar, it is a great honour for ‘Laddookam’ to serve the traditional Satara dishes like Kandi pedhe, pudachi karanji, Kapanya, and Lativ Vadi. Kandi pedha is a traditional Satara sweet with a circular, smooth texture. The well-known Diwali confection known as Pudachi Karanji is a layered karanji that is incredibly crisp. Famous all-time crispy treats include lativ vadi.All age groups can enjoy kapnya, a sweet made with whole wheat flour.

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