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Good nutrition is critical for new mothers. Nursing women need about 500 extra calories each day, as well as plenty of protein, calcium and fluids to stay healthy and produce nutritious breast milk. Good nutrition is important for everyone, and it’s especially important for new moms who are recovering from pregnancy, labor and delivery and are working hard to keep her family healthy and happy. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should get 1,000 mg of calcium a day. Eating carbohydrates helps provide energy to support the growth and development of a baby and, after delivery, breastfeeding. Breastfeeding women need 500 micrograms of fibres. Eating a diet rich in iron and taking a daily iron supplement while pregnant or breastfeeding helps prevent iron-deficiency anemia. 

Gond is said to enhance the production of breast milk, which is why “dadima’s recipe of gond laddoo is a super food for all the lactating mothers”. Gond is rich in calcium and is good for new mothers to make their bones strong and for preventing back pain. “The protein requirement of the mother increases after the birth of their baby. Gond laddoos have enough protein and healthy fats that nourish them. Many mothers, after delivery, suffer from urinary tract infection (UTI). Gond is immensely used in Ayurveda practices to treat UTI . Our  sugarfree healthy laddoos enriched with nuts and dryfruits like dryfruits laddoos, rose dryfruits laddoos and protein laddoos and traditional laddoo dink(gond) laddoo provides lactation support for breastfeeding mothers. 

The mother’s immunity is at a lower level after delivery, which can lead to getting ill, cough, cold and ulcers. These laddoos can boost their immunity and treat such conditions and ulcers. These laddoos can boost their immunity and treat such conditions,.

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